Living Essentials

Yumi is very excited about expanding by adding the Living Essentials line of 5 Hour Energy Drinks.

Yumi Ice Cream Company is dedicated to continuous improvement in the delivery of quality pre-packaged ice cream, frozen food, baked goods and beverage products to our customers using our state of the art distribution system that exceeds the industry standard.

Yumi is committed to being a model corporate citizen by doing the following:

  1. Promoting safety
  2. Delivering exceptional customer service
  3. Promoting sustainable, green practices
  4. Offering opportunities to individuals from diverse cultural groups, and
  5. Fostering positive relationships with local businesses and local governments.
Yumi Ice cream Company was established in 1986 in Irving, Texas. At the outset, we committed to provide a profitable and well-merchandised Ice Cream Program for all channels of the trade in the markets we operate. We also set out to operate and maintain the most immaculate and efficient fleet in the industry. Three decades have passed and the original Yumi business philosophy remains. Today, Yumi services thousands of customers across Texas with operation centers in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Irving, San Antonio and White Oak. Click on the service area tab to see the current area we service.
Look around! You'll see Yumi's equipment and the products we distribute in many unexpected places such as convenient stores, hotels, pharmacies, dollar outlets, video rental chains, city pools, delis, movie theaters, museum, bakeries, and ethnic markets to name just a few sites. Yumi's customer retention rate is 95%! You too can be successful with Yumi as a partner in the vast and growing category of ice cream novelties, frozen food, baked goods and beverage!
  1. Yumi distributes a wide variety of world recognized Nestle food single serve impulse products to C-stores, grocery stores and many food service outlets in Texas. Click on the products tab to see all the Nestle brands we carry by product category.
  2. Yumi is also the distributor of Unilever Ice Cream single serve impulse and multipack products to National Accounts, Regional Chains and the Grocery Channel in Texas. Click on the products tab to see all the Unilever brands we carry by product category.
  3. Yumi's current markets include all of North Texas, including the DFW Metroplex, the I-35 corridor to DFW including Temple, Killeen and Fort Hood, Greater Houston, Galveston, Beaumont, San Antonio, Austin and as far south as McAllen. Click on the service area tab to see the current area we service.
  1. Yumi is a distributor of globally-recognized brands of quality pre-packaged ice cream, frozen food, baked goods and beverage products. The product lines offer a unique mix of items to optimize Retailer's profitability.
  2. We at Yumi consider the retailer, large or small, independent or chain, a business partner and not merely a customer. Your success is our success, and we strive to achieve both.
  3. Our Sales Representative will visit your store on a scheduled basis to provide you with an accurate order, defrost the freezer or clean your cooler as needed, restock and/or rotate product, merchandise and place point of sale (POS) items as needed.
  4. Yumi service is prompt, courteous, professional, simply impeccable and a standard for the industry.
  5. Yumi provides all types of freezers, coolers and merchandising equipment that meets the customer's needs at no charge. We loan the equipment to the customer as long as you are an active customer and continue to purchase your products through our company.
  6. Our company employed maintenance staff repairs all freezers, coolers and merchandising equipment on-site, we will replace all equipment that are not repairable.


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